Vibrant community living for
individuals at all levels of aging

Buhler Active Living Centre offers a dynamic approach to community living for all levels of aging in place. Our unique setting on the second floor, managed by Silver Lining Care, embraces the innovative Small House Concept. Here, residents enjoy the privacy of their own rooms alongside vibrant village life.

In our specialized villages, tenants lease private rooms featuring large windows, ensuite bathrooms with walk-in showers, and access to shared kitchens and living areas. The rooftop terrace provides a splendid view and a place to connect with nature and neighbors.

Amenities & Services

Our comprehensive care package includes:

Private Accommodations

Spacious rooms with personal bathrooms.

Shared Facilities

Kitchens, dining rooms, living areas, and an outdoor terrace.

Full Service

Maintenance, cleaning, laundry services, and all meals and snacks included.

Entertainment & Security

Shaw TV package and round-the-clock on-site support.

Inspired Living Models

Shared Living Home Model

Our Shared Living Home Model transforms traditional care settings into intimate, home-like environments. By blending assisted living, supportive housing, and hospice care, we ensure comfort and familial warmth while providing exemplary care and embracing life’s joys until the very end.

Green House Project

Inspired by Dr. Bill Thomas's Green House Project, we prioritize quality of life, autonomy, and outdoor enjoyment. Our care model is designed to maintain dignity and respect, fostering meaningful relationships and engaging activities that fulfill life's purpose, regardless of limitations.

From Our Families

“This concept is an excellent way for seniors to cope with leaving their homes and moving into extended care facilities.”

Grace & Grant Spencer

It has been like being in your own home with guests able to come and go. When we came to visit Mum we would be offered coffee and a snack that the staff brought right into Mum’s room.

We would often talk with staff about Mum’s background and share the staff background as well. This made us feel more like a family with the staff. It was evident from the comments on Mum’s obituary from previous and present staff how much they cared for Mum. Alzheimer’s is a horrible disease and the staff were so patient with the good times a bad that Mum went through. We very much appreciated the WhatsApp reports from the staff at the end of each shift. This was shared with our family in places that couldn’t get to see her on a regular basis.     Keep Reading

I would try… most evenings to see how she was and just tell her a few things going on at the farm. Sometimes the staff would send a note saying now would be a good time to call whether Mum was having a good day or a bad day. Silver Lining had their issues with staff turnover the same as most companies these days but have always seemed to find people that had the right skills to do the job. Even if their experience wasn’t there the good behavior towards the clients was. We got to feel quite close to a number of staff during Mum’s time there. The home cooked meals using the tenants cookbooks were a great idea. The in-house laundry and cleaning of her room and bathroom was another appreciated concept. I would strongly recommend this facility to others looking for the care you would want for your family member. There should be far more facilities that operate this way. We were blessed to have Carolyn Peters & Silver Lining Care looking after Mum over the 4 year plus years.

“Those caregivers have become like family to me as well and will always be special to me.”


It was a privilege and comfort to have Dad in the Villages, especially the last year when his health really declined. The last 12 days of his life weren’t easy for me or the staff. The girls took such amazing and loving care of him and I really saw how they were his family. It was because of that care that I could leave when I needed to and not feel like I was leaving him alone.

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